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Castanea crafts in spain are delighted to use The Warm Company products in their studio workshops.


Since 1980, The Warm Company has been dedicated to manufacturing exciting and innovative products that make sewing, quilting and crafting throughout the world, easier and more enjoyable. You can always count on the warm company to offer products that inspire creativity in your quilting, crafting, sewing and home decorating projects. All brand name products are manufactured with only the best materials available to ensure your finished projects meet your high standards. over the past 30 years, The Warm Company has been dedicated to the manufacture of innovative and inspiring products for quilters, crafters and home sewing enthusiasts worldwide!


Immerse yourself in a wonderful week of textiles, food and like minded people in a homely environment in the beautiful area of Murcia.

We have a selection of courses which are lead by teachers who are there to help you every step of the way in learning and loving the craft.  Our courses are 6 days long which is plenty of time to engross yourself into the course and take a well deserved rest in the beautiful setting of Spain.

Whilst enjoying your week, you will also have chance to go on excertions to the local market, Murcia town, spa days and other oppotunities.

Our Studios are fully equipped with sewing facilities and a range of sewing machines. There is also a pool to go and relax by or to take a dip in, inbetween sessions.

Our Hotel which we use has views overlooking the sea, in which you can go and swim in. The rooms are very clean and the staff are always helpful, also local bars and resturants are within walking distance

Why people go back

You are in a fun and friendly atmosphere

You can enjoy a relaxed week and learn a alot at the same time

People go on their own, but soon feel apart of the group with like minded people

This holiday and craft combination gives you the best of both

Why YOU should go

No meals to get for yourself

No phones to interrupt you

A teacher to help you every step of the way

A week to do what you WANT to be doing

Throughout the week we see the seed of their creativity burst open under the nurturing guidance of our expert tutors and produce glorious fruit. They leave CASTANEA enriched, with a feeling of great achievement, new friendship and excitement in their new found craft.

Call 01527 69100 for further information...